ResMed Airesense 11 and Airsense 10 Series

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We have stock immediately available for pick up or delivery. We can help you get more information on ordering a Lowenstein PrismaSMART or ResMed Airsense 10 Series. As there is a global shortage of CPAP machines, please contact us today to avoid disappointment.

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Doctor Prescribing Medications

Don’t have a CPAP prescription?

Are you experiencing symptoms of sleep apnea? Let us help you find the right solution. Book a consultation with our Sleep Specialist Physicians to discuss your options for diagnosis and therapy.

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How to choose the best CPAP machine for you?

1) Receive a prescription - Get the right treatment for your sleep apnea, our sleep physicians will prescribe the best machine for you and set the perfect airflow pressure level.

2) Discuss with your doctor - During your consultation, we advise you to ask all your questions. Explore the options for machines, pressure settings and treatment solutions to find the best fit for you.

3) Get your machine set up - If required, we will set up your machine settings and help you feel comfortable with your therapy equipment.

4) Ask questions - Don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance. We will help you with your sleep therapy and troubleshoot any issues with your machine or mask.

Need help finding the right product? Get in touch directly with the The Sleep Institute team.