How do I access services at The Sleep Institute?

If you have a Family Doctor, please make an appointment with them and have them fill out our referral form below or have your doctor send us a referral letter.  Please print the form below and bring it with you to your Family Doctor.

Referral Form 

What if I don't have a Family Doctor?

You can also self-refer by calling our clinic at 403-879-8263 or emailing us at manager@thesleepinstitute.ca

Does The Sleep Institute have CPAP/APAP machines in stock?

Yes! TSI has secured a reliable stock of high quality CPAP/APAP machines which are available on site or through our online store.

What are the costs of seeing a Sleep Specialist Physician?

If you are an Alberta resident with a valid health care card, the consultation is fully covered under Alberta Health. 

Are there costs for other services?

Most of our services are covered under Alberta Health or Free such as Level 3 Sleep Studies and CBTI.  Any services not covered under Alberta Health will be explained to you in advance such as CPAP trials (cost of mask and hoses paid for by patient as these are not reusable).  CPAP machines, accessories, and sanitizing equipment are private pay but often covered under 3rd party insurance providers.