Sleep Education and Awareness

  • Dr. Samuels On Sleeping Hacks During the Heatwave

    Are the kids struggling to sleep during the heatwave in Calgary? Doctors warn, not sleeping well can be dangerous. Henna Saeed talks to Mohsin Khan...
  • What Is Sleep Apnea? Video

    Dr Charles Samuels from the Centre for Sleep & Human Performance and The Sleep Institute in Calgary, Alberta relates what people need to know about Sleep Apnea.
  • Spotlight on Insomnia

    ACUTE VS. CHRONIC INSOMNIA It's common to struggle with sleep every now and then. Perhaps you are coping with work or financial stress, or have jus...
  • Guidelines for CPAP Usage During Coronavirus Pandemic


    There has been some concern about using a CPAP device during this time and at The Sleep Institute, we are here to help guide you on how to protect yourself and your family while using the therapy.