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Boomerang Reusable Gel Nasal Pad

Boomerang Reusable Gel Nasal Pad

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Boomerang Reusable Gel Nasal Pad used in conjunction with CPAP Mask. This gel pad provides a layer of comfort and stability to provide comfortable and effective sleep therapy. The Boomerang gel pad offers a layer of cushioning that will help the user nose heal and will allow the user to continue using CPAP mask without discomfort.

Boomerang Reusable Gel Nasal Pad Features

  • This is an easy-to-use pad that protects the most sensitive part of the nose from the CPAP mask
  • Material is Polymer gel composed from a proprietary USP grade mineral oil including moisturizing essential oils
  • It is Non-toxic, fully washable, and hypoallergenic
  • Gel Pad is latex and silicone-free

How to use Boomerang Gel Nasal Pad?

  • Before each use wash the Boomerang Gel Pad in warm water using a mild soap.
  • Rinse thoroughly with potable water before applying to the skin.
  • Place the Boomerang Gel Pad on the bridge of the nose.
  • Fit mask as usual over the pad.
  • Recommended replacement every 30 days.
  • Store Boomerang Pad in original package.
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