At The Sleep Institute (TSI), we are committed to aligning the right sleep treatment for each patient.

The Sleep Institute was founded to address a gap in medical care diagnosis, treatment and access to quality care for obstructive sleep apnea and all sleep health issues.

  • Sleep Specialist Physicians

    At TSI, every patient is directly managed by our team of Sleep Specialist Physician who guides our multidisciplinary team to ensure proper comprehensive care.  Most sleep clinics utilize technicians to manage their clients' care; the only physician involvement is interpreting the sleep study.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

    A nonmedication, psychological approach to insomnia utilizing evidence-based, proven therapy.  Many people with sleep apnea also suffer from insomnia.

  • Premium CPAP Therapy and Support

    TSI identifies those patients who truly need CPAP for sleep apnea. Not everyone with sleep apnea needs CPAP, so it's important to have a qualified professional do your clinical assessment and then advise on the most appropriate testing for an evidence-based management plan.

  • Other Sleep Apnea Therapies

    TSI has an array of other options for treatment of OSA including oral appliance therapy (dental devices), weight loss, and more!

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Woman receiving a restful sleep after working with The Sleep Institute

The Sleep Institute Offers No-Cost Level III Sleep Tests

After an initial consultation with your Sleep Physician, you may be referred for a sleep study, which is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure.  TSI uses only evidence based testing devices to record diagnostic indicators of sleep apnea, monitor the effectiveness of CPAP therapy, and to follow-up on the titration of oral dental appliances.

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Woman receiving a sleep assessment to receive a CPAP device from The Sleep Institute

Comprehensive Assessment and Sleep Testing Covered by Alberta and NWT Health

Our team of experienced Certified Sleep Specialist Physicians and healthcare staff will ensure that you have a comprehensive assessment with the right tests ordered for you. If you are a resident of Alberta or the Northwest Territories, your consultation with our Sleep Specialist Physicians is covered under Alberta and NWT Health.

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