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ResMed AirSense10 AutoSet Machine with Premium Support Services

ResMed AirSense10 AutoSet Machine with Premium Support Services

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* Please note, that a valid prescription for PAP therapy is required for the purchase of this product. A team member will contact you to obtain this before processing your order.

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AirSense 10 AutoSet with HumidAir

One of the quietest CPAP machines on the market, the Resmed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet CPAP Machine is designed to keep you healthy and comfortable by automatically determining the lowest pressure needed for your treatment. With intelligent features like AutoRamp and sleep onset detection, the Airsense 10 Autoset is perfect for beginners still adjusting to sleep apnea therapy or those who know exactly what device settings they want from their CPAP machine.

 Resmed Airsense 10 Features and Benefits:

  • Whisper-Quiet CPAP Machine
  • FAA Approved and Travel-Friendly
  • Track Therapy on Your Phone with MyAir™
  • Automatic Pressure Adjustments
  • AutoSet Response Can Be Set to Standard or Soft
  • Built-In Heated Humidifier
  • Intuitive Front-Facing Color LCD Screen

The AirSense 10 CPAP is Ideal For:

  • Light Sleepers
  • Allergy Sufferers
  • If You Are New to CPAP
  • If You Are Seeking App Integration Technology

Whisper-Quiet CPAP Machine Creates Fewer Disturbances

At 26 decibels, the ResMed AirSense 10 is considered whisper-quiet, making it ideal for light sleepers. The barely-there sound helps to reduce the noise from your CPAP therapy, so you can enjoy a restful night with your partner.

Travel-Friendly Standard CPAP Machine

Perfect for at-home use or on-the-road—weighing in at only 2.75 pounds, the FAA-approved AirSense 10 can easily be packed in the included travel bag and brought along on your next adventure.

MyAir App Enables You to Track Your CPAP Therapy on Your Phone

AirSense 10 comes with built-in wireless technology to effortlessly connect with ResMed’s state-of-the-art phone app, MyAir. The MyAir App can help you keep track of your AHI, leaks, the number of events per hour, and usage hours. Additionally, MyAir offers you and your doctor the ability to change your AirSense 10 settings and troubleshoot remotely, meaning your common sleep apnea therapy questions or problems can be resolved in minutes without a trip to the office.

AutoSet Response Soft Mode Helps Ease You Into Pressure Changes

Intended for anyone who may be sensitive to rapid increases in air pressure, soft mode makes pressure adjustments more natural and gentle.

Built-In Heated Humidifier Keeps Your Sinuses From Drying Out

To help you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed, the heated humidifier is designed to add consistent humidification to your pressure air, making it easier to stick with your sleep therapy. Using heated tubing with your integrated humidifier can help to further increase your humidity level by reducing rainouts. 

Intuitive Front-Facing Display Makes Nighttime Adjustments Effortless

Designed with you in mind, the front-facing full-color LCD display allows you to effortlessly navigate your AirSense 10 AutoSet menu and controls. The intuitive interface and ambient light sensor give you the freedom to make adjustments no matter how dark or light your room is.

We also offer the ResMed AirSense 10 for Her.

* CPAP Prescription required.

Premium Support Services Included with The Sleep Institute:

⦁ 3-Year Warranty on PAP machines, including service appointments with a Respiratory Therapist for the duration.
⦁ Constant wireless monitoring of patients’ therapy to ensure the best outcomes of treatment.
⦁ No-stress mask fitting and exchanges are done at no cost to the patient.
⦁ Our experienced Respiratory Therapists work with you to find the optimal pressure settings for your device to ensure comfort and tolerance, as well as adequate treatment.
⦁ Our experienced Respiratory Therapists will teach you how to efficiently use your PAP device, so you understand its functions and features, as well as how to properly maintain your equipment.

⦁ Sleep Physician consultation services are available on-site (Alberta Residents only), at the patient’s request.
⦁ We are only an email or call away! For any PAP device troubleshooting, setting changes, mask fit issues, etc., we are here for you!

CPAP machine replacement tips: Every 5 years. CPAP, APAP, and Bilevel machines. Replacing your machine every 5 years will help ensure you continuously receive your prescribed therapy and can take advantage of new technology, enhanced comfort settings, and exclusive therapy.

Feel free to contact the clinic if you have any questions or concerns at (403) 879-8263.

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i do

I also have a sleep problem sleep apnea have been told of this problem many times and have had to have many tests so no problem for my Dr to write a prescription. Other than that no worries. thank you for getting back to me

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Don’t have a CPAP prescription?

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