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Lowenstein prisma SMART CPAP/APAP Machine & prismaAQUA Humidifier WITH Support Services

Lowenstein prisma SMART CPAP/APAP Machine & prismaAQUA Humidifier WITH Support Services

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* Please note, a valid prescription for PAP therapy is required for purchase of this product. Before proceeding to checkout, kindly upload your prescription just above the 'Add to Cart' button.

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The new prisma SMART continues the tradition of high-quality, German auto-CPAP devices from Löwenstein Medical and offers the new option of classic or dynamic pressure regulation for personalized respiratory therapy. The familiar pressure relief softPAP can be activated at any time. Classic, simple user navigation with easy-to-read display. The standard supply schedule includes a pollen filter. The device can be combined with the well-known humidifier prismaAQUA. Made in Germany.

* CPAP Prescription required.

Support Services Included through "The Sleep Institute"

⦁ 3-Year Warranty on PAP machines, including service appointments with a Respiratory Therapist for the duration.
⦁ Constant wireless monitoring of patient therapy to ensure the best outcomes of treatment.
⦁ No-stress mask fitting and exchanges are done at no cost to the patient.
⦁ Our highly skilled Respiratory Therapists work with you to find the optimal pressure settings for your device to ensure comfort and tolerance, as well as adequate treatment.
⦁ Our experienced Respiratory Therapists will also teach you how to effectively use your PAP device, so you understand its functions and features, as well as how to properly maintain your equipment.

⦁ Sleep Physician consultation services (Alberta residents) are available on-site, at the patient’s request.
⦁ We are only an email or call away! For any PAP device troubleshooting, setting changes, mask fit issues, etc., we are here for you!

CPAP machine replacement tips: Every 5 years. CPAP, APAP, and Bilevel machines. Replacing your machine every 5 years will help ensure you continuously receive your prescribed therapy and can take advantage of new technology, enhance comfort settings, and exclusive therapy.

Feel free to contact our clinic if you have any questions or concerns at (403) 879-8263.

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