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CPAP Shortage And When Will It End

Information regarding the Philips CPAP Recall in Canada and United States

For many people, the CPAP machine shortage has been and is stressful. Trucks without drivers, ships stranded at sea, computer chips in limited supply, and the Philips cap recall has left millions of people in Canada and United States out of breath and out of patience. 

When Philips Respironics issued the recall of approximately 3-4 million CPAP machines, the demand for new CPAP machines skyrocketed. In this article, you will learn what caused CPAP Shortage 2021 and CPAP Shortage 2022 and what we can expect in 2023. 

Philips stated that they have replaced 2,460,000 devices in the US as of January 25, 2023. Numbers for Canada are still unknown. In the recent Philips Annual Report 2022, Royal Philips CEO, Roy Jakobs, commits to completing the recall and testing program in 2023. “By year-end, following the substantial ramp-up of capacity, Philips Respironics had completed around 90% of the production required for the delivery of replacement devices to patients.

Rob Douglas, ResMed’s chief operating officer, have said previously that the supply-and demand challenges could last for as long as 18 months after the completion of Philips’ recall.  Douglas added that demand likely will outstrip supply until providers work through the backlog  of patients that has built up amid the Philips recall, which began in June 2021 and has grown to  affect about 5.5 million devices.

He also said that Resmed aims to better meet demand from Philips’ CPAP recall. 

“We're actually producing a huge amount more devices now than we were, say, before the pandemic or even before the competitive recall happened,” Douglas said on the call,  adding that with access to more of the necessary technological components, “We’ll  absolutely keep driving these volumes.”6 

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Demand Has Increased After The Philips Recall:

Philips Respironics issued a voluntary recall in June 2021 on 5 PAP machines and 6 mechanical ventilator devices made on or before April 26, 2021, because the PE-PUR foam degraded when subjected to high heat, which is often utilized in CPAP machine cleaners.

This foam is used to decrease the noise your CPAP machine produces when operating. As a result of the degraded foam, black particles entered patients' humidifiers, tubing, and masks, producing new or worsening symptoms such as headache and cough. It was discovered that the chemical emissions caused by foam degradation have the potential to cause cancer.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classified the incident a Class 1 Recall the following month, which is indicated when "there is a reasonable possibility that the use or exposure to a product could create significant adverse health consequences or death." Philips realized the potential health hazards and issued an immediate recall notice to affected CPAP machine users and DME carriers such as Aeroflow Sleep, introducing a replacement service in which patients could register with the manufacturer for replacement devices, including the new Dreamstation 2.

Following FDA on-site inspections, Philips began replacing or repairing DreamStation CPAP machines in September 2021. Their objective was to get the recall completed within a year, but the registration process and overall CPAP Shortage 2021 delayed that from happening.

The recall may have triggered a surge in demand for new sleep apnea devices, but CPAP makers are struggling to fulfil that demand. Following Philips' recall of millions of CPAP and ventilator machines, a Resmed Executive said at an investor event that the business is still struggling to fulfil the increased demand for CPAP Shortage 2022.

The COVID-19 Pandemic:

The COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021 gradually entered the "post-pandemic" phase, but one year later, we are still trying to understand what that looks like in the healthcare industry. Even society as a whole is concerned about what to do, which is why the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt labour and retention rates around the world, particularly among manufacturers. Fewer people equal fewer products, including CPAP machines. So the COVID-19 pandemic is also one of the major causes of CPAP Shortage 2021 and CPAP Shortage 2022.

Higher Shipping Costs:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives, but it also had adverse effects on chip production, shipping procedures, and the global supply chain. Even in 2020, many CPAP machine manufacturers had a shipping shortage. Cargo ships have become stranded at sea, and firms are buying their own cargo ship companies to prevent congestion. While cargo ships transport most commodities, some companies use airfreight as well (at a much higher cost), influencing the pricing of all products, including CPAP machines.

You may be surprised to hear that a large proportion of air freight is transported in the undercarriage of passenger planes. When commercial aeroplanes were halted due to the lockdown in 2020, cargo capacity was significantly reduced, leading to the chip's limited supply, which also contributed to the CPAP Machine Shortage 2021 and CPAP Machine Shortage 2022.

When Is The CPAP Shortage 2022 Expected To End?

If you are looking for CPAP Shortage 2022 update, according to experts, the CPAP Shortage 2022 will last until at least early 2023. Some manufacturers have been able to boost CPAP machine production to fill orders, but this has not been enough to fulfil total demand. As with any product that is dependent on a global supply chain, restocking the shelves of CPAP machines can take a few months — or longer.

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According to a Needham analyst note, ResMed updated its AirSense 10 CPAP machines to avoid the requirement for "communications" semiconductor chips, which had been in short supply, allowing for the manual transfer of sleep data.  The company's estimate that it will continue to experience issues is based on the belief that demand will remain high for some time. Philips currently expects that the recall will run until 2023. The recall's schedule has slid over time, and Douglas, Resmed's Chief Operating Officer, predicted that it could last until the middle of next year.

Even though ResMed expects demand to exceed supply, Philips' re-entry into the market will improve product availability. If patients cannot purchase a new machine, they may be able to get used or rent CPAP machines. During the CPAP Shortage 2022, healthcare providers should assist patients in finding an appropriate CPAP machine.

Tips For Coping With The CPAP Shortage:

If you sleep with a CPAP machine, you may be suffering the effects of the current CPAP Machine Shortage 2022. Here are some suggestions for dealing with the CPAP shortage:

  • First and foremost see your sleep physician and get advice from a sleep specialist regarding the recall and their advice for ongoing treatment options.
  • Stop using your ozone cleaner for the CPAP device and return to using standard daily cleaning methods that you can source from your CPAP provider.
  • Register your Phillips CPAP device for the recall and replacement device.
  • If you must buy a new CPAP machine, do your research and buy from a reliable source. Keep in mind that some devices on the market now do NOT have wireless capability and if that is a feature you want you must ask about this with your purchase. As you know the wireless download does improve the overall care that you get from your sleep specialist and CPAP provider.
  • Remember that your insurance policy may not cover purchasing a new CPAP machine.  Check with your insurer regarding the details of your coverage.

Final Thoughts:

The present CPAP Shortage 2022 is having an impact on many people who rely on machines to sleep. The shortage is due to rising demand and manufacturing issues, which has left some people unable to find new CPAP machines. As one might think, this situation is causing a lot of stress and anxiety for affected people, as sleep is already a challenging issue for many people having sleep apnea. But hopefully, this CPAP Machine Shortage 2022 will end next year. 

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